FTP Link

Please follow the link below to access our FTP server.
Dolphin ftp access

Instructions to successfully navigate our ftp site are:

  1. Please insure you are not using Passive FTP setting on your browser. This setting can usually be found on the Advanced portion of your internet settings/tools.
  2. You will need the user name and password, which you can get from your Dolphin Project Manager.
  3. Once you have successfully accessed the site, please scroll down and click on the Dolphin Construction folder.
  4. Once you are in the Dolphin Construction folder on the ftp site, find the folder for the project you are interested in and click on that folder.
  5. Please note: if you fail to login three times the system will automatically lock. You will need to wait at least 45 minutes for the system to automatically unlock and you can try again.