Cost And Value Engineering

Cost Engineering:

Dolphin Construction costs engineers every project. This cost engineering includes such activities as cost- and control- estimating, which is cost control and cost forecasting, investment appraisal, and risk analysis.” Dolphin Construction seeks the optimum balance between cost, quality and time requirements.” The key objective of our cost engineering is to arrive at accurate cost estimates and schedules, to avoid cost overruns and schedule slips. Dolphin Construction’s cost engineering goes beyond preparing cost estimates and schedules by supporting assessment and decision making.

Value Engineering:

Dolphin Construction consistently improves customer’s projects by use of its Value Engineering. Dolphin approaches value engineering as a systematic method to improve the “value” of our customer’s project through optimizing a mix of performance (function) and costs. In most cases this practice identifies and removes unnecessary expenditures, thereby increasing the value for our customers. By providing our customer Value Engineering from a small facility repair job to a large capital project our customers can then clearly decide upon which alternative solution is most beneficial.